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Welcome to the website of Regess Sp. z o.o

We are a construction company which ranks high both on Polish and European markets as a general contractor. Construction traditions and years of experience gained on the Belgian, French, German and Polish markets allow us to compete with international companies in terms of quality and timeliness of service provision in general, industrial, residential, pre-fabricated and ecological construction industries. In this respect our efforts are focused on providing residential apartments in multi-family buildings with high standard of performance.
Vibrant development and meeting the customers’ expectations have made us introduce a comprehensive offer of ecological heating solutions, electricity and hot water generating units and implement our own development projects also in Poland.


Regess is the manufacturer of comprehensive solutions based on renewable energy sources.

Our offer includes a wide range of ecological and economic systems for home, office or halls: pellet fireplaces, heat pumps, photovoltaic sets, solar sets with the most efficient collectors in the world (we have been certified with Solar Keymark) or boilers and fireplaces for biomass (some on the German BAFA list, specifically valued by local installers). Our customers receive not only the highest quality products but also professional and immediate service. Our devices are characterised by durability and many years of maintenance-free operation.



Second stage of the investment "Warta Estate" in Kłodzko
Regess sp. z o.o. has been chosen as a general contractor of the second building of the investment "Warta Estate" in Kłodzko.
The first stage was also realised by REGESS sp. z o.o.


MM Bio Luxury 15 kW, 25 kW and 40 kW pellet boiler 
entered on the German BAFA list which allows German users get financing for the purchase of our product. It is also the confirmation of the boilers highest quality.

W sercu uzdrowiska  

The apartment house „W sercu Uzdrowiska” 2014
we are building the only eco-friendly apartment house in Poland.

gazele biznesu  

Gazele Biznesu 2013
maintaining the distinction received in the preceding year


Osiedle Warta - a residential estate in Kłodzko,
whose general contractor is the company Regess, competing with 20 developers in the region of Lower Silesia has recently prestigiously ranked 3 in the poll of Gazeta Wrocławska to choose the “resident friendly estate” 

gazele biznesu 2012  

Gazele Biznesu 2012
joining the company of the most dynamically developing small and medium enterprises