firma regess jelenia góra

The general contractor Regess

Regess Sp. z o.o. is a construction company that as a general contractor and subcontractor performs orders throughout Poland and Europe. Construction traditions and many years of experience allow us to compete with international companies in terms of quality and timeliness of services in the construction industry segments:

  • general,
  • industrial,
  • residential,
  • prefabricated and
  • ecological

We build in accordance with international standards of construction. Our partners are experts from many corners of Europe, who jointly use expert knowledge during orders.

Our activities are mainly focused around:

  • multi-family residential buildings,
  • single-family homes,
  • hotels
  • holiday resorts.

Our construction department offers investors all over the world their unique experience. The originality of our approach is based on a combination of knowledge in the field of:

  • construction,
  • hospitality,
  • tourism.

Construction of hotels is our daily bread. It does not matter what type of hotel it is. Experienced builders make all construction analyzes and market analyzes based on which hotel plans will be prepared in accordance with the investor's vision. The general contractor undertakes to keep the investor's costs at the agreed level, taking into account the difficulties that may arise during the investment. We provide a comprehensive approach to every investment, including the smallest details.

Renewable energy

Meeting customers' expectations prompted us to introduce a comprehensive offer for heating solutions based on renewable energy. We have created ready-made solutions based on solar energy applications. In our offer you will find both photovoltaic panels and solar collectors, which are ready to generate electricity or, for example, to heat domestic water. The REGESS Energy brand is a response to the growing requirements of customers regarding renewable energy and European Union regulations. The offer includes many ecological and economical systems for a home, office or hall:

  • pellet fireplaces,
  • heat pumps,
  • photovoltaic sets,
  • solar sets for heating utility water and central heating supply,
  • biomass boilers and fireplaces.

We offer products that come exclusively from European factories that come only from reliable manufacturers. Our clients receive not only the highest quality products, but also professional and instant service. The quality of our products is confirmed by many years of warranty periods, which can reach up to 25 years.

Aware of the need to take action to reduce air pollution and care for our area, our development investment in the health resort of Jelenia Góra - in Cieplice - we equipped only and exclusively with ecological heating solutions. Thus, the apartment building "In the Heart of the Spa" is the first building in Poland heated solely with renewable energy: a ground heat pump integrated with the installation of solar collectors.



Second stage of the investment "Warta Estate" in Kłodzko
Regess sp. z o.o. has been chosen as a general contractor of the second building of the investment "Warta Estate" in Kłodzko.
The first stage was also realised by REGESS sp. z o.o.


MM Bio Luxury 15 kW, 25 kW and 40 kW pellet boiler 
entered on the German BAFA list which allows German users get financing for the purchase of our product. It is also the confirmation of the boilers highest quality.

W sercu uzdrowiska  

The apartment house „W sercu Uzdrowiska” 2014
we are building the only eco-friendly apartment house in Poland.

gazele biznesu  

Gazele Biznesu 2013
maintaining the distinction received in the preceding year


Osiedle Warta - a residential estate in Kłodzko,
whose general contractor is the company Regess, competing with 20 developers in the region of Lower Silesia has recently prestigiously ranked 3 in the poll of Gazeta Wrocławska to choose the “resident friendly estate” 

gazele biznesu 2012  

Gazele Biznesu 2012
joining the company of the most dynamically developing small and medium enterprises