Construction of apartments

Construction of apartments

The apartment building belongs to a class of high-standard, intimate buildings and is located in a prestigious location in a given region. The highest quality of building materials and amenities for residents is a priority for every apartment developer. Adequate layout of rooms is crucial for a given apartment, so that it can be called an apartment. When constructing an apartment, the following rooms must be considered:

  • kitchen,
  • salon,
  • main bedroom with a private entrance to the bathroom and wardrobe,
  • office,
  • guest room,
  • second bedroom,
  • general bathroom,
  • laundry or utility room,
  • separate bathroom for each next bedroom.

The layout of the rooms must be well thought out, because the apartment must have a living and night part. Taking into account all rooms means that an apartment should have about 100 m2 on average. Naming an apartment with an area of ​​50 m2 with a flat is a clear abuse. The building itself must also meet numerous requirements, such as:

  • elevator, clear
  • underground garage,
  • protection,
  • reception,
  • high standard of finishing,
  • proximity to the service infrastructure.

The key aspect is also appropriate security of premises against noise and air conditioning. The height of the apartment should be at a minimum of 2,9 m.