Heat pumps

Heat pumps

In search of a comfortable heating solution that will not be expensive to operate. One great advantage of heat pumps is that they work for several dozen years virtually trouble-free. Due to the fact that costs of heating are constantly on the rise, it is good to consider alternatives that will save the investor's capital.

Advantages of the heat pump

  • lowering home-building costs - thanks to the heat pump we neither have to build a chimney nor allow extra space for fuel storage,
  • you do not need to waste time searching for high-quality fuels - in the case of some devices, fuel quality is a key factor for efficiency,
  • heat pump is one of the cheapest devices in operation and it can be said that it is maintenance-free - the investor’s only task is to adjust the regulator to one’s individual needs,
  • quick return of investment costs - it returns within 5 to 7 years,
  • the heat pump can operate without failure for up to 50 years,
  • the heat pump is an environment-friendly device - which translates to a better chance of obtaining a subsidy or a low-interest loan,
  • the heat pump is able to work with other heat sources,
  • the heat pump can not only heat up, but also cool down the rooms over the years.

Versatility  of a Heat Pump

The heat pump is a low-temperature heat source, and the heating installation in buildings is usually adapted to this type of solution. In simplest terms, the lower the water temperature, the more efficient the heat pump should be. In modern construction, we often come across underfloor heating. Thanks to this solution, in the coldest days, it is sufficient for the water to be at 45o Celsius. However, the heat pump can also operate in heating systems with traditional radiators. However, the temperature of such radiators must oscillate between 50o and 60o. This means that the size of such radiators would have to be larger in order to be able to reach this temperature.

Heat pump in modernized buildings

Buildings that undergo modernizing processes can also be equipped with a heat pump. Thanks to thermo-modernization, the demand for room heat significantly decreases which means that the water supplying the radiators may have a lower temperature than about 55o Celsius. The heat pump does not immediately translate to resigning from solid fuel boilers. It will simply be the first to be employed, which will significantly reduce heating expenses.

 Heat Pumps – Funding Options

Funds for installing heat pumps can be obtained from "Clean Air", one of Poland’s biggest programs. The program aims at reducing smog emissions throughout Poland. Funds available under this program are planned for 10 years and amount to over 100 billion PLN. Beneficiaries of the funding program may be natural persons possessing the ownership right and joint ownership of the building. The National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management in cooperation with voivodship funds and Environment Protection Bank is state body responsible for the implementation of the program. One of the key priorities of the program is the replacement of outdated heat sources for heat pumps a renewable energy source. Highest grants will be available for individuals with incomes of up to 600 PLN per person in a family and may amount to up to 90% of all costs.