Heating installation

Heating installation

Most people focus on good opal and, for example, an eco-pea furnace, forgetting about the heating installation. Heating installations can be compared to the human circulatory system, which is responsible for the functioning of the whole. Lack of understanding of all elements of heating systems may result in a serious failure. The key task of a heating installation is to provide heat that is generated by the heart of the installation, eg a gas furnace. You can transport heat to the rooms upstairs in several ways. The basic factor is that the larger the radiator heating surface, the lower the temperature of the radiator.

The temperature of radiators

The temperature of any type of radiators could be any, however, a range of 30o Celsius to 80o Celsius is always used. The reasons are to be found in building materials and the health of the household members. The most beneficial for human health would be to make the majority of wall surfaces and floor radiator with a temperature of up to 25o Celsius. Unfortunately, for walls it is a very impractical solution. However, underfloor heating is becoming more and more popular due to its properties. Above 60o Celsius, organic dust particles in contact with the radiator, burn and produce harmful substances for the respiratory tract. Underfloor heating for health has a huge advantage over traditional central heating.

Technical limitations of heating

Solid fuel boilers work best around 85o Celsius, they perform well at temperatures above 50o Celsius. This does not play any part in the health aspects of people. However, we can choose the elements of central heating so that the temperature of the radiators will oscillate between 40o Celsius and 50o Celsius. Nowadays, the temperature of radiators has to meet many building standards with a view to human health.

Dimensioning of the installation

If the heating installation has too small a surface and must work at higher temperatures, then we say that we are dealing with under-dimensioning. This situation is particularly unfavorable for condensing gas boilers. Work at the wrong temperatures prevents optimal work, and hence, raises bills. Undersize is particularly dangerous in the case of underfloor heating, as it can even result in burns on the feet. That is why it is so important to choose a professional team for installing heating installations.

Oversizing the installation

A different situation is the oversizing of the installation, which leads to lowering the temperature in radiators. This in turn reduces the water temperature in the radiators. It is very dangerous for boilers for solid fuels, eg coal, pellets. The boiler will burn much more fuel due to the low temperature that will prevail in the heating installation. You have to remember that radiators need to be bought with the right dimensions.

Designing heating installations

The design of a heating installation starts with the choice of solid fuel and boiler. At this point, you can take on the choice of parameters based on health aspects. The choice of technology imposes restrictions that the installer can not overcome. With a buffer, we are able to use the temperature prevailing inside the heating system much more freely. Thanks to the vast knowledge of our specialists, we are able to professionally design and carry out the assembly of almost every heating installation. We have aesthetic considerations in mind, which are related to investor requirements and the practical placement of the radiators.

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