Realisation of investments

Realization of investments

We implement investments in three basic stages:

  • basic state,
  • developers status,
  • turnkey construction.

The open raw state contain:

  • foundations,
  • supporting walls,
  • walls,
  • ceiling,
  • roof truss.

It also includes concrete stairs between floors, if they have been included in the project. The open shell state does not include windows and garage gates. The final price of each investment is individual and depends, for example, on the size of the object.

The closed raw state means the insertion of windows, doors and garage doors. Its form means securing investments against negative external actions.

The next stage is the developer's state, the details of which are determined individually with each investor. In principle, it includes:

  • front door,
  • plastered walls,
  • the floors are made of concrete screed,
  • distributed electrical installation,
  • water and sewage system connections,
  • interior window sills,
  • central heating installation,
  • tiles on the terrace or balcony and finished balustrades.

Turnkey construction means that we comply with the investor's guidelines for interior finishing. After completing all the work, the investor gets the keys to, for example, his dream home, where he can live immediately.