Ventilation and heat recovery systems


We specialize in the selection of ventilation solutions in every type of construction. In multi-family housing, we have cooperated with many communities and cooperatives for over 10 years. Proper air circulation is the key to comfortable living in enclosed spaces. In accordance with global statistics, we spend most time in:

  • house,
  • apartment
  • work.

This means that most of our lives are inextricably linked to the proper exchange of indoor air. For the sake of investors' health, we cooperate only with reputable producers of products in the field of ventilation and recuperation.

Gravitational ventilation

Gravity ventilation is the oldest solution used in the field of air circulation in buildings. Ventilation in the house will be based on vertical ventilation ducts, the task of which will be to discharge warm air from the upper parts of the rooms outside the building. The main factor used in gravitational ventilation is the pressure difference that occurs in the ventilation ducts at the right atmospheric conditions. For the process to take place, it is necessary to meet strictly specified parameters indicated in the ventilation and heating technology.

Gravity ventilation works correctly when:

  • window joinery is not completely airtight, and thus, allows the inflow of air from the outside,
  • indoor spaces must be much warmer than outside, which will allow for a pressure difference.

If any of the above conditions are not met, gravitational ventilation ceases to function properly. Most often, this type of ventilation is disrupted by changing the window joinery to airtight and not applying window ventilators.

Heat recovery systems

Mechanical ventilation offers us the so-called heat recovery, which is called recuperation. In this case, we are provided with constant air circulation through the ventilation unit. In the construction of an airtight and energy-saving investment one can not forget about mechanical ventilation with recuperation. The access to fresh air is used by a man whose well-being is significantly improved, and energy losses in the form of generated heat decrease significantly.

Heat recovery system is responsible for supplying fresh air that passes through the appropriate filters in the ventilation unit. With the use of recuperation, the bins associated with heating buildings are reduced by up to 50%.

The most commonly used two solutions:

  • exhaust ventilation - central fan is responsible for getting rid of polluted air, and fresh air flows in a natural way,
  • supply and exhaust ventilation - is equipped with a ventilation unit with two fans, which are comprehensively responsible for getting rid of and inflow of fresh air. In the ventilation unit there is a recuperator, which is responsible for energy recovery from the air being removed.

Hybyrid ventilation

Hybrid ventilation belongs to one of the most modern solutions for ensuring proper air circulation in rooms. It is a mixture of mechanical and natural ventilation, which is supposed to function depending on the situation. System synergy is possible by using systems that independently control ventilation depending on the weather conditions. Hybrid ventilation uses the functioning of gravity ventilation when weather conditions are favorable. Mechanical ventilation begins to function when atmospheric conditions are unfavorable for the proper functioning of natural ventilation.

Ground heat exchanger

The ground heat exchanger is responsible for preheating the air in the winter and cooling the air in the summer. This is done before the air enters the recuperator. It is therefore a great support for ventilation systems with a recuperator. Thanks to gwc, you will be able to significantly enhance the effect of energy efficiency and comfort of staying indoors. The heat transporting medium may simply be air, the second solution is a non-harmful polyethylene glycol. However, one must realize that gwc can not replace professional air conditioning, but it is a pro-ecological solution in modern construction.