Water installation

Water is a key element of human life

p>Water is one of the elementary distinguishing factors of the natural environment that surrounds man. The functioning of the human body without water becomes impossible. Our body from 70%to 90% consists of water. The amount of water in our body changes with age. Occurring in all tissues of our body, it has become an elementary determinant of human health. Water deficiency of 10% causes significant inconvenience in the functioning of the body, a deficiency of 20% can cause death. The average daily human need for water is 2.5 l. In contrast, all water in our body is replaced within 20 days. Regess specializing in plumbing systems, emphasizes the importance of the quality of water flowing in our taps for health:

  • residents
  • investors
  • employees.

Construction law indicates a number of restrictions that should be followed during performance. That is why we have specialized plumber teams and others who are good carers of the general contractor's investment.

Water supply network

The water supply network is a water supply system that is located outside the building site. Water supply systems are used to:

  • distribution,
  • recognition,
  • treatment,
  • water storage.

The task of water supply systems is to provide water of appropriate quality to both individual recipients and collective customers.

Water connections

The water supply connection is a section of the water supply system of our property, which connects it with the water supply network. It starts from the water supply pipes on the street. The water supply network is usually made of PE pipe. A water tap is attached to the driller, which is used to immediately shut off the water after drilling the hole. This is called arming a water connection, which can also be used so-called. tee. The given solution is used depending on the diameter of the pipes, which are connected to the water supply network. The connection also includes a mandatory main water meter in a package with shut-off valves, which form the so-called water meter assembly.

At the moment when there is no water supply network near the plot, the only source of water supply will become a well. This solution is also used when the water on the plot is used, for example, for watering the garden or filling the pool. A well that will be a source of drinking water should meet the following conditions:

  • safe and modern, which is adapted to the pump with mechanical drive,
  • Well water must meet all drinking water standards.
  • The supply of investment in drinking water from the water supply network can take place in two ways:
    • directly under the pressure of the water supply,
    • indirectly through devices such as pumps.,

The water supply system from the network consists of the following elements:

  • water supply connection, ie a section of the pipe connecting the water supply system with the water supply network in the street,
  • horizontal distribution cables,
  • vertical distribution cables,
  • water supply approaches to dredging points,
  • weapons.

Another example is the installation of premises, which are understood as approaches for water dredging points, which are located directly in the apartment. The premises installations are made using both rigid and flexible building materials. In modern construction, premises installations are hidden in the floor or walls.

A special type of installation are those that are associated with hot tap water. The temperature in such a water system can reach up to 60o Celsius. According to national statistics, the average consumption per one household is 130 l per day. The cost in this case is calculated from the device responsible for heating the tap water. It is important that hot water in accordance with the construction law should always be supplied from the left side of the battery or mixer.

The general contractor is involved in the comprehensive implementation of investments related to water supply installations of all kinds based on modern construction and construction standards.